5th challenge – social studies

In the last task, we had to face with social studies. This time it served to show us the proximity of law and familiarize us with our rights. From two tasks we chose the second one about the rights of citizens concerning the activity of deputies. 

We met at Konrad’s house to do research and to prepare informations. He is such a sweetheart that he made toasts and tea for us! After discussing important issues, we had time to rest, so as a part of our relaxation we made karaoke, which was great fun.

In the second part of this task we interviewed deputy – Piotr Uściński, so we could feel like real journalists for a moment. Having completed all the data, we wrote an online report using Google Docs, that you will find HERE.
Konrad and Karol did amazing (and long) research and accumulated all these informations in one place, so we could easily read it. Kacper put up a list of questions and mailed many deputies. Monika translated an online report, written by me. All of us also took a part in contacting the Deputies’ Offices.

I am really glad that we finished this task, because it was so stressful and hard, but I am also a little bit sad that our adventure with Hatters is getting over, because it was pretty good fun!


Our 4th task was related to language arts. We had to write a humorous column about one of the Warsaw murals that shows a present-day topic, problems, weaknesses or contemporary reality. To be able to do this, we went for a long walk around the Warsaw so we could look for these paintings and think about their meanings. 

As always, we had a lot of fun and I am really glad that I could take photos of us during our enjoyable trip.

In my opinion all of us did a good job – Monika, Karol, Kacper and me (Agata) were looking for a perfect Warsaw mural and Konrad with my help wrote a humorous column, which we could public using padlet.

Made with Padlet


This time our task was related to mathematics. Of the two tasks, we chose the one that was about finding the most profitable credit offers and calculating a car loan.

That is why we’ve impersonated close friends who want to dub up the collective car to ride it on various trips and campings. The question was: “Whence will we get money for that?!” We met at Agata’s home to discuss this difficult issue. After some time and few little quarrels, we’ve decided that the best car for us would be amazing Nissan X-Trail. Then we started thinking about the cost. The best idea was to take the credit, but we weren’t absolutely knowledgeable about that!


We went therefore to three different banks where we could talk with banking advisers and ask them our questions concerning interest rates, commission, costs of credit insurance etc. 

When we knew something more about that stuffs, we could safely back to home and have some fun and relax, talking, taking photos and eating pizza!


But of course it wasn’t the end of our work… We spent next days on talking on Skype and counting costs, which entails taking credit. It was really busy week and I can’t call this task one of the easiest, but still we were feeling great working together. Now we also know that taking a credit isn’t as easy as we expected, but finally we created a presentation (HERE) with fundamental steps of taking a car loan.


Karol made the calculations, Monika was an expert in talks with advisers in the banks, Kacper did amazing research, Konrad made slides in our presentation and I was controlling and motivating my friends to work, but also proved myself as a photographer.



Our biology task was divided into a three parts.
The first one consisted on designing and conducting a survey on vaccinations.

HERE you can find our survey

We sent that link to our friends and went out on the Warsaw’s streets to conduct a survey. Despite of cold weather, it was enjoyable experience, when we could talk with people about different topics including vaccinations.

In our opinion, the second part of challenge was most demanding. Its purpose was conducting an interview with a doctor on the topic of vaccinations. We decided to go to the lecture about vaccinations and antibiotics from the cycle “Drogi do życia” led by Dr. Paweł Grzesiowski and prof. Marek Gniadkowski to the Copernicus Science Centre. After the event, we had a little talk with the specialists, who answered our questions. We came to the conclusion that many people avoid vaccinations out of fear of adverse consequences in terms of diseases or other medical conditions.

The third part involves presenting the conclusions from survey and from interview in the form of a comic strip using Storyboard Creator. We were bothered about it for many hours, but finally we did it. 

HERE is our comic strip

Skype conversation

As always, we had a lot of fun spending time together. Of course, while doing the challenge, we split the roles. Kacper designed our survey. Karol came up with the idea for our comic. Monika devoted much time to help me with making a comic strip, also she was taking photos during our meetings. If I have to be honest as a chronicler, Konrad put the least amount of work, but fortunately he was with us during conducting a survey, because he didn’t have a problem with approaching to strangers. I was motivating our group to work and made a comic with my darlings’ help.

We are thirsty for knowledge!

1st challenge – History

On 1st December our team with another groups went to Cracow, where we were playing the city game. During the game we found out many interesting things about each others, so we made the atmosphere comfortable and harmonious. Monika and Karol were true specialists in science, but Kacper, Konrad and me – Agata ruled in historical tasks. Maybe the weather wasn’t perfect, but we made it and had a lot of fun. We visited many interesting places, saw breathtaking buildings and sculptures and learned something more about history and culture of Cracow. So even if we got sick, it was worth it!

After returning home, we had to use experience which we gained in Cracow and create a multimedia presentation, encouraging people to visit this city. We made it in the form of short film using . I am grateful to Kacper for sharing me photos which he did and which he found, to Karol for conducting a survey and asking people about the most beautiful places in Cracow, to Monika for inspiring me and giving her own ideas for our video and to Konrad for searching all these important informations, because without them I couldn’t put this movie together.